Scene it?

Scene it?, originally uploaded by gashuttergirl.

April seems to be a month of anniversaries for me.

Ben and I were introduced 6 years ago today. We met at a game night that a mutual friend put together. I found out the next morning that the whole night was arranged so that Ben and I could meet. Everyone knew what was going on . . . except for me! I am glad I didn’t know; I would have been way to nervous. Everything just seemed so natural and unpressured (at least for me).

Anyway, the game of the night was “scene it.” Everyone else conveniently partnered up rather quickly, leaving me and Ben to be partners (Should that have been my first sign? I admit, I was secretly hoping we would be partners; I was already checking him out.). I can’t remember who won the game. I do remember not knowing very many of the answers.

I guess it all worked out, as we were married less than a year later.



  1. We find what we need most when we’re not really looking for it, it seems. And, despite our doubts, all unfolds as it should, as its meant to. Congratulations on 6 years.

  2. That is a neat story, I didn’t know that was how you two met. Sweet 🙂

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