Team-Up Thursday – Week 7: Dinner

Team-Up Thursday – Week 7: Dinner, originally uploaded by gashuttergirl.

We decided to deviate from the posted topic of “Relax” this week. Actually, it was more me not wanting to do “Relax” (thanks Stacy for being such a sport).  I was sick most of last week and this week have been playing catchup. I was just too stressed to figure out an image for “Relax”. Although, I look at both of our images now and think they could fit “Relax” quite well. Go figure. I love Stacy‘s popcorn. It sure makes me want to pop some in the old air popper and smother it with real butter. The Sunkist orange in my image is the whole reason why I am posting at this horrid hour (12:52 a.m.).


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