US – March 2010

US - March 2010

What a morning!  It has been snowing for most of the day.  This is the 3rd snowfall of 2010 in as many months.  I don’t remember getting this much snow in the almost 12 years that I have lived in Georgia.  This morning there were big flakes falling from the sky and filling the yard.  It was so beautiful, and it reminded me of 5 years ago.  Not because it was snowing 5 years ago, but because of what I was hoping the beginning of March would be so that the beginning of April could be even more special.  March 1, 2005 I was excited to wake up to a blanket of snow and praying fervently that the old saying “In like a lion, out like a lamb” would come true.  Five years ago I was planning a wedding for April 2, and I wanted a picnic reception.  So, you can see, snow on March 1 was very exciting for the possibility of beautiful weather for my wedding.  The snow today reminded me of that.  That March 5 years ago did go “out like a lamb.”  March ended warm and beautiful during the day, but the wind was absolutely ferocious.  Just a couple of days before the wedding I ended up canceling the tent that was going to go up next to the picnic shelter and started planning the move into the church’s fellowship hall for the reception.  I kept all the checkered table cloths, baskets of daisies, and the BBQ lunch, but it was all inside.  I remember looking out the window at one point before the ceremony and seeing the rain poor down, then the next minute the sun was shining brightly.  Every once in a while you could see the trees bending under the force of the wind.  One guest told me during the reception that she actually encountered snow while she was driving the 30 minutes from her home to the church.  I couldn’t believe it – rain, wind, snow, and sunshine all in the same day.  Just one the many things that I will always remember about my wedding day.


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  1. What a memory! It’s a good thing you had the foresight to book the church!

    I love your picture in the snow–beautiful!

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