New View

New View, originally uploaded by gashuttergirl.

This is the new view from my desk. My back used to be to the window, and I was constantly turning around to look outside. The office is the only room in the house that I can really change around (the other rooms, the furniture fits where it is and only where it is). I like to rearrange every once in a while. So the office is getting a new look. Besides it is the room I spend my most time in right now.

The plant is from my husband. He brought it home for me on Wednesday to get Valentines started. They are absolutely beautiful, and I have already taken several images to process and post. Now, to see if I can keep it alive. I am so excited for Valentines this year. Tonight we will have our weekly “Friday Night In” with a movie that I got to pick (Miss Potter) and pizza and chocolate covered heart pretzels for dessert. Saturday, we are going out to dinner and then to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for Valentines in the Garden. It is going to be a cold evening (as we are supposed to be getting snow today). But I think it is still going to be a wonderful time to spend together in a place that I really enjoy.


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