Team-Up Thursday – Week 2: Dark

Team-Up Thursday – Week 2: Dark, originally uploaded by gashuttergirl.

Believe it or not, Stacy and I did not talk about what we were going to do for our images this week. What a shock when she sent me her image, and it was also of Dove chocolate. I guess great minds think alike.

Dove is the only dark chocolate I will eat. Even then, only a little at a time.



  1. Seriously!! I can’t believe that you two did not know. Both chocolate and the same brand. Way cool. I love how one is a close up and one is not. Dove should be paying you gals for this commercial shot! Great job, team.

  2. oh my gosh!! that is just amazing to not only pick the same subject but the same BRAND! so cool you two!!! love the shots!

  3. wow, now that is just crazy that you both not only shot chocolate – but the SAME chocolate! What are the chances?! You gals are making me hungry.

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