Winshape Marriage Retreat

Retreating, originally uploaded by gashuttergirl.

Ben and I went on our 1st marriage retreat this past weekend (after almost 5 years of marriage, it is about time). We went to Winshape Retreat, Berry College, Rome, GA. Let me say, I highly recommend this place (thanks Chris and Katie for mentioning this on your Facebook). We didn’t get to do the original program that we registered for, because the instructor was not able to fly in due to the bad weather last week. They allowed us to come anyway and provided us with the Follow Your Heart devotional (Chris & Katie – did you know you were on the cover of the book?). Just getting away, just the 2 of us, for a couple of days with no TV and no computers was such a treat (although I had a hard time being separated from my computer). The grounds are amazing. The rooms were amazing. The food was amazing. The service was amazing. There was no stress, no schedule (except for dinning), no cleaning up after ourselves, practically no people anywhere. Did I say this place and this time together was amazing? If not, it was amazing! And you know what the best part is? We get to go back for our original program when it gets rescheduled. I so can’t wait (I hope it is a little warmer next time).  As you can see below, we had to bundle up a bit to go see the sites.  We still had so much fun together.  I highly recommend this investment in your marriage.  It was such a good time to be together, to grow closer, and to spend time with God together.

Bundled Up


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