1/52 Pieces of Me – 2010

1/52, originally uploaded by gashuttergirl.

Here is my 2nd photography project for 2010. It is called “52 Pieces of Me.” I was inspired by a Flickr friend,
{Pure} Essence
, and her project in 2009. I am usually the one taking the photographs, rather than the subject of them. This could be interesting. I thought my first image would be the traditional mirror self-portrait, since it shows me doing what I love (photography, not being the subject of the photograph).

I have loved photography since middle school (that was back in the 80s). I took a long break from it after high school while I was in college and grad school, partially due to time constraints but mainly due to finances (in middle school and high school my mom was the financial support of my hobby). Since going digital in 2007, I have really started to get back into it. I am having to relearn a lot of the basic photography and learn a lot of the new processes that come with digital (i.e. post processing with a computer rather than a darkroom). I am hoping this year to not only get the camera out more, but be more intentional about what I photograph (i.e. having a project in mind for my images), and getting more comfortable behind the camera and as the subject of my camera.


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