US – January 2010

US – January 2010, originally uploaded by gashuttergirl.

One of my photography projects this year is to take a photograph of me and Ben every month on the 2nd (we were married on April 2nd). I am also going to be printing each image to put in a calendar that our friends, Chad and Shanna, gave us for Christmas.

We will celebrate our 5th anniversary this April. This past Christmas was our 5th as a married couple (our 6th together). Every Christmas we get a silver bell from “Santa” (really my Aunt Joy). I have been hanging them from the mantle of the fireplace.

I will share the other 3 photography projects that I have planned for the year as they come up. The next will be tomorrow, so stay turned.



  1. Jennifer Holton

    How cute! I like this idea. Btw, you got married on Jeff’s birthday! 🙂

    • gashuttergirl

      Thanks Jennifer. We will have to remember to wish him a happy birthday this year.

  2. Love the idea & love the composition of this one with the photo of you 2 off to the side!

    • gashuttergirl

      Thanks Stacy. I wondered if anyone would notice the wedding photo. 🙂

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