A Mistake That Turned Out to Be Kind of Neat

 Abstract Vines

I have discovered that sometimes what you think is a mess up can actually turn out pretty neat.  I took this picture during our trip to Savannah Memorial Day weekend.  I had just gotten back into the car after getting some other images when I decided to try and get another shot of something else.  I must have been aperture priority (I usually am) and the camera set the appropriate shutter speed lower than hand-holding can manage (plus I don’t think the person driving knew I was trying to get another shot).  So just a whole bunch went wrong with the shot, and I thought about deleting it.  However, I usually have plenty of room on my cards (since I shoot in jpg at this time), so I decided I wouldn’t delete it unless I needed more room (which was unlikely).  Once I got it onto the computer, I wasn’t sure I liked it.  I went through and edited many of the other images that I took throughout the weekend.  I finally came back to this one out of boredom and kind of liked it.  So sometimes, a mistake can turn into something kind of neat.


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  1. Hi! thank you soo much, you made my day.. I did not realase it was all over the world lol. This text should have :
    “Worldwide Photowalk in July!” lol.. Now i`m happy and I want to sign up for oslo.. thanx a lot 🙂

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