Days 22-25 of 365: Memorial Day Weekend


We had a busy Memorial Day weekend.  Ben and I drove down to Blackshear, GA to spend the weekend with his college buddy, Chad, and new wife, Shanna (that’s Chad’s new wife).  They had an full weekend planned for us.  It took us forever to leave Atlanta (we didn’t leave early enough to avoid the holiday traffic – at 1 point it took us 20 minutes to just a few miles).  The weekend included a trip to Savannah, a tour of the Okefenokee Swamp, and a trip to Fernandina Beach, FL.  It was great spending time with Chad and getting to know Shanna better.  We played a little Wii and X-box and Dominos.  We had great food (including a steak that lasted 4 days).  We played with a couple of cuddly shin ztu’s (Charlie and Lucy Lu).  There was frisbee and gardening (where the first squash of the year was spotted) and shopping for some new fish and plenty opportunities to take tons of photos (you can see the full size of the above photos here).  All-in-all a superb weekend that left all involved exhausted and needing a day for recovery. 

Thanks Chad and Shanna for a great weekend.


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