7/365: DOF Study

7/365: DOF Study, originally uploaded by gashuttergirl.

I took these for an assignment for my “Digital 101” class at The Showcase School. I haven’t been in a photography class since high school, and even then I was using a film camera. I was slow getting into digital (I bought my 1st digital camera in 2004, my 1st DSLR in 2006). I am so glad I made the switch. I am taking this class as a refresher and to hopefully help with my digital workflow.

Anyway, the assignment was to use a shallow DOF and change the focus on the 3 subjects. I am also supposed to do one with a deep DOF, but I am having trouble with that one. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I am using a long focal length (200mm). I know focal length affects the DOF as well. So I may need to pick a larger subject so that I can get them in the frame in a more wide angle shot. We will see; I have all weekend to finish this assignment.


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